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Bosch Europe Style Car Horn

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Product Features: 

•Bosch design

•Teflon filter technology


•Premium quality

•For passenger cars and MUVs

Technical characteristics:

Volume: 115 dB(A)

Low pitch: 300 Hz (375 for authorized veh.)

High pitch: 375 Hz (500 for authorized veh.)

Voltage: 12 V, 24 V

Power: 50W

Colors: black, chrome-plated

Weight: 335 g

Diameter: 125mm, 140mm


Piercing, hard sound

Metallic horn strike ensures direct, unhindered propagation of the warning signal

Intensive to rust and stone-throw

Robust, mechanical design

Weatherproof materials

Approved according to EG and ECE Directives, and DIN 72701

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